One little word: Focus

Early this year I learned about One Little Word via such wild love (thank you!), and it did not take me long to find my word for 2014: FOCUS.

I wanted to focus better, become more present in what I do. I wanted to give my thoughts a queue number and train them to shut up and keep themselves busy until I can attend to them. I wanted to set priorities and then also accept – really accept – that there are certain things I will not get around to do.

This is the first one little word I ever take on. Focus. An odd mix of mindfulness and time management. They don’t sound like soulmates, but I wanted them to get along and support each other, if that’s not too much to ask?

Knowing myself, there was a risk that my focus would fade away come February. Therefore I prepared some visual support that I hoped would help me. Half way through the year, they still mean something to me. I’m not saying they have changed my life, but they still give me a hint, now and then.

Perhaps there is something in it for you too?

It’s easy to lose sight of the main direction, where I’m going on longer term. I need to remember to focus on goals far away.

Focus on long term goals, even if they are far away.

Having said that, I can not only gaze into the far away horizon. As I navigate, I have to focus and keep a firm grip on what’s close at hand.

Focus on the road ahead, even when I can’t see where it’s going.

Focus on the road ahead, in any circumstances.

Without noticing, bad habits or just all kinds of backlogs sneak up on us. They always  come from behind, did you notice? When that happens I need to focus well to figure out how to best unwind these annoying knots – where do I start?


Focus on the whole when there seems to be so much and so many…


And if I have to juggle big things in the dark, I’ll breathe calmly and stay focused.


I’m sure it’s OK to think of one little word at mid-year, so go ahead and do so, if this inspires you. Or do you already have that one special word or image to guide you?

9 thoughts on “One little word: Focus

  1. I love the word, your reasons for choosing it, the images, and your comments on them. Also: “I wanted to give my thoughts a queue number and train them to shut up and keep themselves busy until I can attend to them.” I need to do this more mine as well. Thank you, and here’s to focus!
    (BTW, do you know the Dutch band of the same name? My husband and I loved them back in thew day.)

    • I have to admit that the part of giving my thoughts queue numbers is a difficult one.
      I didn’t know Focus, but my (Dutch) husband just confirmed he does, they were very big, I understand. I’ll consult dear Youtube to explore them further. Thanks for the tip, it’s always nice to discover new (old) music, I’ll do it as part of my Dutch integration process.

  2. As delicate jewelry and photos well represent, FOCUS is the key to so much. whether its an F stop, or something decreasing clarity like rain on the windshield- they each can hinder seeing our goal. I love the seed pod picture – like momentum from Medusa’s hairline! hope the focusing is going well…..

    • Thanks Mikey for your comment!. Your association to Medusa on the seed pods made me smile – I had never thought of that, it makes me look again, anew. They are small poppy pods and I love them dearly, it’s a love affair that’s been going on for a while now. They keep inspiring me and hopefully one day I’ll do more than just photos. If I can only keep the Focus, that is…

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