Storytime | The bride

As if he saw her

for the first time: music, dreams,

brass on copper curls


Bride crown in brass and silver, sold to Nordiska Museet (Stockholm) in 1924. Originates from Norra Finnskoga, Höljes, in the county of Värmland. I like the simple and (in my view) contemporary look. I wish I could see the bride(s) who once wore it, hear the sound of the crown in movement. How did their lives unfold after the wedding?

You may have seen this crown before in this post about Brass, and this whole idea started off in Storytime (both posts from the 2014 A to Z challenge).

About Storytime
Inspired by online jewellery collections, I occasionally introduce an image together with a few words. I call it Storytime, because I beleive that jewellery carry so many stories. You are more than welcome to add your own poem, words or thoughts in a comment, be my guest!


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