Time is on my side

Time is a fantastic tool. It works for us even when we’re not watching. For hours, days, weeks, months, years, it goes tic-tac, and when we return to something old and half forgotten – bam! – time has done its work and gives us an answer.

Different necklaces, different times. It’s been good to revisit the two older ones, the ones with the “pictures” and the whirls. They don’t fit well around my neck, so I never wear them. They are eye candy.

I don’t mind jewellery eye candy, but time has now told me that I do want them to be used, so I’ll be planning a new, second life for both of them.

Time is on my side, yes it is. It took some years, but eventually, you eyecandy babes came running back to me. And my arms are wide open.

To be continued. Obviously, when I have some time. gr-timetoolA-3gr-timetoolA-2

18 thoughts on “Time is on my side

  1. i love those! i have a few things that i have set side for later. its like doing a crossword puzzle for me-i lay it down, and when i pick it back up words just come to me! jewelry projects are like that too

  2. Smashing pieces, wonderful combination, all different, though compliment each other beautifully. Have you used titanium? Wonderful colours.
    Do have a brilliant Christmas. Looking forward to following you for another upcoming year. Very best wishes.

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