2014 – The jeweller’s cut

Not much happened in my studio in 2014. If this blog was a film, here is what I’d call the jeweller’s cut, the small bits and pieces that never made it to the blog screen.

This thing

This is how I came to make This thing: I found some titanium stripes that I had prepared years ago, but never used. After a quick play with patterns and colours, I bent them towards the possibility of a colourful ring. The stripes were too short to make a ring of (or I’d have to think of a way to connect them). I did have titanium wire I could roll out long enough, and with an improvised copper junction, the ring was there. Not bold, but very comfortable.

The ring works, I’ve been using it quite a lot and will make a few more. Not sure if/when/how I will proceed with the blue idea.


I had the chance to capture a series of poppy pods in different stages: from the green and fresh to the brown and dry. They still fascinate me (as they did in my first Poppy talk). Poppies have become a symbol for the soldiers who died in WWI. I see another war related connection here, perhaps a wild mind leap: When you look at the open top on the dry ones, isn’t that like a bunker? It looks like a good spot from which to observe the outside world. (Photos from WWII bunker at the Dutch island Texel, 2011).


I made some whirly earrings, inspired by the electric cables above the train rails. The “Fnurra” process consisted in the journey, the process and the earrings. In a forest, I found other whirls among the trees.

All that metal

Every time we take the boat to or from Sweden, I wish I was a living camera. Water, sky and… all that metal!

Power lines in Denmark

I’m a power line nerd. In Denmark I had the chance to see them also from above. First the Lego miniatures at Legoland, then from a Cessna during a short sightseeing flight. The view up there was fantastic, but if you ask me, I do prefer the more steady flight of a Boeing.

Metal and spices

December and darkness. Shadows get longer. They remind me of a winter landscape, where trees cast long shadows on the fields and where we can spot the traces of wild animals in the snow. I love the long winter shadows.

Before Christmas, I’m called to make traditional Swedish gingerbread cookies. Not only because metal is involved, but because they are delicious and fill the house with a friendly smell of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

This year, I learned that, yes, I can have it all: gingerbread cookies, with silver. Isn’t that total bliss?

Now, let 2015 unfold.

19 thoughts on “2014 – The jeweller’s cut

  1. Everybody’s comments earlier echo so many of my thoughts that I almost had nothing to add…until I got to the end and was surprised to see gingerbread, since I just made some yesterday myself! Great minds think alike, clearly. πŸ˜‰ Mine is the chewy, sticky cake variety this time (a spicy cousin to Sticky Toffee Pudding, I guess), so perhaps nobody will notice that I’m so far behind the holidays with my gingerbread. πŸ˜€

    I love the glimpses into your thought processes here. So many interesting analogies and inspirations that spring from one thing to another so gracefully.



    • Thanks, and what a brilliant idea to just move the gingerbread focus from Christmas cookies to cake, that’s the way to go, I’m with you! Thanks for this rescue plan, now I feel confident I’ll make it through the year, until next Christmas… And who can say we’re far behind anyway, perhaps we’re just ahead of time? πŸ˜‰


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  3. What a fascinating review of your year. It looks like, in fact, quite a lot happened! I really love your “whirls” – there is so much energy there – and the titanium ring (the copper junction is intriguing). And are you going to follow up on your poppy pods? Such a great idea!


    • Oh, I’d love to follow up on EVERYthing, but will see what is possible (and where my mind goes). I’d love to play with lino cut for the poppy pods, although photography is quicker. We’ll see. I really appreciate your energizing comment, thanks, it’s worth a lot to me!


  4. Loved seeing this year of inspiration through your photographic journey G . How PERFECT is that connection with a Poppy seedhead and bunker !!
    Wishing more finds of power lines .. poppies .. and all things whirly for 2015 πŸ™‚


    • The thing is: it wouldn’t be any problem for me to shoot them a 100 more times, I have a bit of a crush on poppies!
      After posting this, I came to think that in a way we are all like poppies: from inside, we observe the world out there. Especially introverts I guess (like myself).
      Thanks for your encouraging comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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