If Rubik had been a jewellery maker

– The coolest pendant I’ve ever seen!

My first thought when I saw this piece. I fell in love.

My husband had brought home some boxes with old school books (late 1970’s) from his parents’ place. He found this pendant in a box with art supplies, among pencils, pens, watercolours and small tubes of paint.

You can turn the three layers horizontally and there is one empty space, so you can slide the colour bricks vertically. I figure that if Rubik had been a jewellery maker, he would have come up with something like this.

– Oh, can I use it? I screamed asked him jumping up and down, and he said yes! Not that I thought he wanted to wear it himself, but still, I thought I should ask…

He can’t remember this pendant at all. Not where it came from, and not that it was ever used in art class at school (you could, I guess, to make different colour combinations).

Jewellery to play with, plastic turned into wearable pastime. What is there not to love? Lucky me, that he said yes!

As for Ernö Rubik, I’m fine with the fact that he was not a jewellery maker. He created his famous Rubik’s Cube in 1974, and it has been a pastime and challenge for millions of people ever since.

What I like even more is that he works to get young people involved in science, mathematics and problem-solving. That’s important, and I’ll think of that when I wear this pendant. I never learned to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but I’ll more than happily wear – and solve – this pendant.



9 thoughts on “If Rubik had been a jewellery maker

    • It’s good to see you back again, I hope you are well! Welcome to explore, blogging is still pretty random over here, but I’m hoping to find a bit more studio time this year. Thanks for popping by!

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