The architect riddle

No, I didn’t really advance yet on my power line project (making jewellery inspired by the criss-crossing lines). And here is just me thinking out loud, inspired by an evening walk in September last year.

Nature vs. human engineering. Who is the best architect? Which lines carry the most energy? How is it possible that I perceive these steel structures as natural and even organic? It’s a riddle I can’t seem to solve on my own.

Anyone who wants to think along?

13 thoughts on “The architect riddle

    • Thanks! Yes, why not have this on fabric? Any fabric designers/textile artists out there, feel free to grab the inspiration! I don’t regard the photos as “mine”, I only captured what nature and engineers have put together.
      I used to sew a lot in the past, but cannot find time for that at the moment, but it’s fantastic work, to feel the fabric between your hands and see something take shape. Just a tad bit jealous over here… ;-).

  1. I say nature is the better architect because humans are always borrowing from nature and never really able to figure out how the natural world works. We figure out some things she does and are totally clueless about others! She keeps doing her thing regardless of whether we mess up her creations or not.

    • I’d agree with you on this, in an overall perspective. Nature is such a complex system that we can hardly grasp, and if we influence it, it’s often for the worse. When I think that dragonflies existed already along with dinosaurs, I’m totally humbled.
      Then to go back to the power lines, I do find that the steel towers and the wires that connect them have something of “organic”, but that’s me. Is that perhaps because they most of all have a function and purpose (like everything in nature), and it works, and that’s why they look like this, all across the world?
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here! And let’s hope nature will survive us!

      • Oh, if I had to bet nature versus us, I’d bet on nature every time. Just think of those concrete structures that we build, like floors and roads. As soon as they fall into disrepair, what do you see? Grass breaking though, trees struggling to grow and creating fissures in the cracks. We mess up and nature wins even then.

  2. I love, love, love this post! I love that the “riddle” remain open, “unsolved”—it keeps our senses open!
    I just posted something related (with “Awe” in the title). I thought of your jewelry when I posted its photos of integrated circuits!

    • I’m so glad to hear that this speaks to you! And I recognise a lot of what you say in your post about Awe (will get back to it separately, but can reveal that I’m not yet done with exploring “the art of circuit boards”).
      Thank you, your comment means a lot to me!

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