The beauty is a bitch

I went back to this ring that I had put together as a test. You may have seen it here.

Here is take two. I’ve now replaced the messy brass wire that kept the parts together with a neater silver wire. It’s still a prototype, but it looks good.

But be ware. Under the nice surface, there’s something wrong. I didn’t manage to combine and align the pieces well this time, so the ring is not that comfortable to wear. Frankly, I think the beauty is a bitch!

Well, I believe anyone can improve, and I hope I will eventually turn this idea into a real ring that fits nicely on the finger.

This made me think of jewellery and comfort. How do they relate?

I’d love to hear your thoughts here. Do you have any jewellery that you really like but don’t wear, because it’s not comfortable or practical? Or the other way around, jewellery that isn’t that special to you, but that you still wear often because it is comfortable? Or anything else relating to how jewellery feels to wear?


17 thoughts on “The beauty is a bitch

  1. I like the change. The silver goes well with the blue! I find I end up wearing the more simple stuff, even if something looks really cool. You’re right, the more beautiful or ornate, the more it can be a pain to wear, and even wear out quickly…not as durable.

    • Simple stuff is so easy to wear, I like that too. Have actually been doing that for some years, like literally 365 days or more with the same simple silver necklace around my neck everyday, as a habit. And with simple things, you can do just that.
      Thanks for your input here!

  2. Tricky this jewellery malarkey. Drawn to shapes an three dimensional textures, bound to say some of my pieces are not as comfortable or practical as they could be, too busy looking at form, neglecting function somewhat. Very much drawn to your creation, ticking all the boxes for me; movement, texture, and a sculptural element, not to mention the creative choice of material and surface finish.
    As the luvvies in the theatre may say. Darrrrlinggg, one must suffer for ones art 😜
    Continue being extraordinary, leave the ordinary to the ‘successful’.

    • Thanks Stu, that’s such an enjoyable (and generous) comment!
      Your jewellery looks comfortable to me, no sharp edges. I remember some bold cabochon rings you made, these would certainly be worth some “suffering”.
      The funny thing is that this came about from some test pieces meant for something else. I’m glad I picked them up, now I’ll see how to go further from here.
      Again, thanks for your input, it means a lot to me! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, I love this ring!! It’s so beautiful- the circles seem to inter-connect perfectly in just the right way. You need to make more of these – the titanium blue colors and patterns are really lovely. I agree w/ Stu above: continue being extraordinary! 🙂

    • Wow, thanks, you make me blush… Truth be told, I was wearing the ring yesterday (and now), and got re-confirmed that I do need to find ways to get the same effect but with a comfortable feel to it.
      It’s so encouraging to hear your enthousiasm, I’ll bring that with me when I check up my stock of titanium plate and wire. Wish you a great weekend!

  4. The colors and the varied surfaces are really beautiful. Interesting questions you posed: I rarely wear rings but would consider myself naked without earrings and generally a necklace of some sort–even if I am house or studio-bound for the entire day.

    • I’m with you about feeling “naked”, although for me it’s most of all about rings. I do indeed feel naked without rings, and without a necklace. I’ve lost the habit of wearing earrings altogether, don’t know why.
      Sounds like a good sign to me when we wear jewellery for ourselves, also for days at home when no one else will see it. This is what intrigues and fascinates me about jewellery, the different ways we “bond” with it.
      I’m grateful for your input, thanks! Wish you an inspiring weekend!

  5. Keep trying—it’s such intriguing art. Could you wrap (attach) these orbiting rings around an “under ring” that itself fits comfortably?

    • I see what you mean. That may work, but it makes the entire ring thicker, so I’d have to find a balance here. I appreciate your support, it helps me move forward (like in “not giving up, I’ll get there one day”). Thanks, it means a lot to me!

      • Thicker–yes, I’m now imagining that. You know best the impact of each choice on this piece. . .and in the creative process, noticing what does what. I so like how you share your creative process with others!

  6. I love your ring. Such beautiful, vibrant blues. Maybe it doesn’t line up exactly how you want, but it has so much energy. Would not that be lost by trying to make it more “wearable”? Anyway, for me beauty always comes before comfort. I would wear your ring anytime and be perfectly happy!

    • Wow, thanks, that’s comforting to hear! So, it seems there is something at stake here: not losing the vibrance for the sake of some comfort… Hm, food for thought and reflection, and to bring with me in the next steps. As always, thank you for your input!

  7. I have many rings I don’t wear because they’re not silver or gold and leave marks on my fingers… Boo! Not very aesthetic, but they do look really cool and shiny.

    • Do you mean that you never, ever wear them? Sounds like a pity not to be able to wear cool rings, but… your skin is important too. Hopefully you can just enjoy them as the cool objects they are, whether you wear them or not!

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