Lost and found

Under the surface, there has been some drama around my studio. In the autumn, I packed things in boxes and covered the studio in plastic to protect it from dust, as we would get some works done on the house.

To be on the safe side, I decided to put the most valuable – and less dust compatible – equipment in other rooms. The rolling mill sat on our dining table for a while, and also the motor I put away somewhere else, in a plastic bag.

Works done. I removed the plastic, started unpacking and carried the heavy rolling mill back upstairs again. However, there was one thing I just could not find anymore: the motor. Where did I leave it?

Oh well, I thought, “If I don’t think too much about it, I’ll remember again, for sure”.

But weeks passed, and I really didn’t know where to look. Where was the motor?

I normally don’t use it that often. But now, all of a sudden, any project I came to think of would require me to drill a hole, and I got obsessed about “not having the motor” and “whereย is it?”.

It was as if the motor became the lifeline for my projects. Because, doesn’t it even look like an infusion bag, designed to give you something you can’t be without? As if the possibility to drill a hole was the only way to keep my projects alive, drop by drop, hole by hole.

Is this how our minds work? In the middle of abundance, we can only think of what we don’t have.

Well, I found ways to work around this, and I focused on other things. That was fine. The drama for me was the fact that I had been so mindless as to where I put it. I found that a bit scary.

Now, I’ve found the motor again and all is well, it will soon hang on its usual place.

Lesson learned? One: It’s good to have to miss things. Two: I can not expect my memory to hold on to every single detail when my mind is flooded on all fronts. Focus and presence and, if necessary, a tiny little note can help.

Did you ever have a similar experience?

11 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I am constantly misplacing thing a of great importance. Like your motor, it is often something that is not easily overlooked! My mum has this theory that we are but actors in some great play and that when things go inexplicably astray, it is the fault of the stagehands who forgot to place the props in the correct place for the current scene, only to suddenly correct their mistake later on. I like this theory – it makes me feel slightly less dippy and incompetent! Nothing to do with my three children, working away husband, dog, cats, evening classes, my job teaching or the voluntary work I do!

    • Thanks for sharing this theory – I love it! It gives a more positive twist to “forgetting”. Sometimes the play is so complex and intense and there is so much going on all the time, so you have to accept a few “mishaps” now and then. A nice thought! It also works the other way around: a reminder that we do get some help to keep things in place.
      And with your schedule, I think I’d keep losing things all the time, honestly! Keep it up!

  2. I like your telling of the story . . . and how after something was lost it went from being sometimes useful to everyday essential!!

  3. A timely piece for me G ! I’ve lost and found many things this week …. am on a HUGE de Clutter mission . But of course every time something gets chucked I NEED that very item . Right Now .
    So … 5 days on … have you drilled that hole yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • And still… 6 days on… nope, haven’t drilled that hole yet… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haven’t even put the motor back up yet, to be honest (didn’t find the time), but just knowing where it is is fantastic!
      Sounds good to be on a de-clutter mission – keep it up!

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