Naked and tarnished

A ring that I found in a box with old unfinished projects. My idea back then was somehow lace inspired, but I did not manage to materialise it. I probably did not approach the soldering well enough. Now I’ve started wearing it as it is, naked and tarnished. It’s a very comfortable ring.

I can go in all kinds of directions from here.

Am thinking copper wire for a birds nest. Am thinking fabric or fine crochet lace as a big collar. Am thinking copper or brass around its waist/middle. Am thinking thin metal wire or silk yarn wrapped around it. Am thinking a pattern made with the saw and then oxidation to play with dark and light. Am thinking a bigger globe loosely around it. Did I mention leather?

Am thinking a lot, but wearing it naked and tarnished is enough for now, really.

What do you think, would “dressing it up” add any value to it?


10 thoughts on “Naked and tarnished

    • Oh, that would be so nice, to have different elements that you could change. It would become my jewellery puppet to play with, to dress differently for different occasions!

  1. i love it how it is…kind of Zen! copper wire would be an interesting combination to play with, though…

  2. I like that you’ve left it all exposed and tarnished as you wear it. I find that I can’t bring myself to ‘spiffy-up’ older work, say from my school days, either. That tarnish shows a history I just can’t bring myself to remove. I do know though that others (who aren’t jewelers) probably won’t understand our way of thinking! But I like the lace-looking piercing that fits over top the round ball. Would be cool to see maybe more pierced patterns that you deliberately oxidize as a changeout to suit your mood? But it’s not needed – it is a great ring just as-is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s funny how I had left this ring behind me completely (I made it > 10 years ago). And now, it was the comfort that persuaded me, it fits so well! Some of the older pieces I just don’t connect to anymore, so it’s nice when it happens!
      Well, about this one, I’ll soon share another update, with an unexpected twist…

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