Naked, tarnished and split

Now, here is the sudden interruption to the ring I told you about in my previous post… An old unfinished project that didn’t really work out before, but that I now very quickly got used to wearing as it is. It fits so nicely around the finger.

As I was playing around with it, trying different ideas to “dress it up”, it fell out of my hands and hit the floor.


I knew the soldering was not perfect. You could clearly see the line between the two hemispheres and that’s not how it should be. I think it was that line that made me want to keep it tarnished, as a decorative flaw.

I’ll fix it, solder and restore the globe. Bye, bye tarnish, I will end up with a cleaner piece in the end.

Do you see that tiny hole? Do you know why it’s there? It’s to allow excess air to escape from inside. If you need to heat up a hollow piece like this (to solder f ex), the air inside expands by the heat. If the hot air has no place to go, the piece can explode. You don’t want any hot metal projectiles to fly around, so that tiny hole is simply a safety measure. It’s on the lower side of the globe, close to the ring, barely visible.

So, I’m further back than where I started, but that’s OK. Repair work is good practice.

Thanks for reading – and as always, your thoughts, ideas and input are more than welcome!

10 thoughts on “Naked, tarnished and split

  1. Ohhhh that happens to us all! Maybe it is a good thing as now this gives you the freedom to make all those new additions (copper wire, lacey piercings) you thought to make in your last post. Maybe if you have time, make a few – it would be great for us to see!

  2. I agree with Patricia, this could be an opportunity to be have fun with it.
    And, that tiny little hole? Yes, so important! A couple of weeks ago, I witnessed a mini explosion when someone attempted to solder a sphere without a vent: the two pieces of hot metal went flying across the shop…very scary. Thank you for the reminder!

    • I’m very careful with that little vent hole, especially since a fellow student told me she had an explosion, she had actually drilled a hole, BUT, it was all clogged up with polish paste… I have a great respect for the natural laws that are involved in the studio!

  3. I so appreciate how you share the creative process of making something, and how, in turn, it makes oneself (more open, inquisitive, accepting).

    • I’m glad to hear that what I share is worth something! I find this one of the great things with blogging, that we can get a peek into the worlds of others. Thanks for your comment, truly appreciated!

    • I was thinking of a piece of metal inside, it would make a sound (I guess). A pearl is more intriguing, of course! I’m not sure a pearl would survive the heat when you solder the two hemispheres. And if I tried that, I would be toooo curious to see what happened to the pearl, so I would probably take the saw to open it again… 😉

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