Digital doodles

This is for some fun, before I get around to repair the broken ring I mentioned before.

I was sitting in the train the other day and tried out the notebook on my mobile. It was fun, and a way to note down some of my ideas around this ring project.

Please take it for what it is: a few digital jewellery doodles.

Today is 4 April, letter D in the Blogging from A to Z challenge. I’m not participating this year, but I still seem to have the letter bug and can’t help noticing: Doodles today, and Drawings exactly one year ago (about the magic to create jewellery on a piece of paper).

I wish all A to Z bloggers good luck! If you don’t participate yourself, take a moment to check how these committed people blog their way through the alphabet in April. You find the complete list here.

2 thoughts on “Digital doodles

    • Thanks Silvia! Sometimes, the more choices you have, the more difficult it is to choose… The black is a version I could try out, and if it doesn’t turn out well (I’m not sure I can get a nicely dark surface, in the first place), I can remove the oxidation again and start all over again.

If you have any thoughts, please share them!

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