gr-timetoolB-3bThis is one of the collars I made years ago. I made it while I was pregnant.

Back then, I wanted to test a way to get different colours on titanium. I think – but am not sure – that it happened by accident: The centre piece shows the shape of a big belly. Whether on purpose or not: That’s me and my daughter, right there.

I had just moved to The Netherlands, had a sabbatical and the time to make jewellery, do yoga and take afternoon naps when I needed to. I was blessed.

She was born a few weeks early and I was happy about that, because I was (we were!) so curious and impatient to get to know that little person. A little child had come to us and I felt I was blessed to the moon and back.

But what when a baby is born far too early? What if it’s so early that… So early that all you can do is hold your breath. For weeks, or for months. For as long as you have to, just hold your breath and hope for a blessing.

The thought of it pulled me back to early motherhood again. I was thinking of the first tiny steps in a new life. We know so little about where they are heading. Also the first steps in motherhood can be fragile.

I wanted to make jewellery about it. One piece silver and one piece titanium, the latter with a footprint, as a first step of a long journey.

While searching my stock of silver, I found this little piece with an imprint of Belgian lace. Until now, I never felt that lace would fit with anything I was working on. But now it did. I wanted to use this piece just as it was, just as it had come out of the rolling mill.

I set off to explore what’s in a blessing.

12 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. I love this G .In the brash world we live in I find sensitivity is often lost in so many ways … you’ve captured the emotions perhaps some of us have forgotten from the early days of motherhood . Lovely .

  2. Wow, I can’t believe how appropriate the shapes you put on that necklace were for you then! Maybe someday it will be worn by a certain pregnant daughter….

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