What’s in a blessing?

Here I started off with a very clear idea of what I wanted to make: A titanium piece in colour and with a footprint, covered by a silver piece.

But a lot happened in the process, and I kept changing the concept as I went along. I dropped the idea of the footprint for two reasons:
1. I figured that both lace and footprint is an overload, they are two different themes and because: how many stories do I want to tell here?
2. I wanted to use a thicker titanium sheet as a more solid background to the silver, but this makes it more difficult to control the process of getting different colours.

So this is what it is now: A titanium bed in its natural grey, with a silver lace blanket. I still feel it reflects the first thoughts I had, about the blessing of being nursed and protected, or the blessing of being able to nurse, protect and take care of.

It’s not obvious that this piece origins in the blue colourful titanium collar you saw in my previous post, but it does. Here some images from the process. The “less is more” adage in full practice.

Less is more. But this also made me think that perhaps “bless is more”, like in: Bless is more than fanfares, colours and symbols. Perhaps blessings happen in the small, in things we hardly notice? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “What’s in a blessing?

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your supportive company and encouragement here! It was very special for me to work on this piece, in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Was closer to my heart, much closer.


  1. Way cool, Gunilla! I like how you show the step-by-step process in the photographs. This is a piece of jewelery I would purchase & wear. I especially like the concept that you are telling a story (or two) in your jewelery making. I had never considered you a poet until now. With this piece, you’ve captured the perfect point between simple and ornate, perfect!


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