Storytime | Wasekaseka

Dark grey waves once brought
teeth for the chiefs, and the lens
saw it all happen


Sperm whale tooth necklace, from the Museum of New Zealand/Te Papa Tongarewa (image license: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND).

This is a very exotic object for me. Perhaps too exotic, because something holds me back from asking my Northern European mind to make up a story about it. You can learn more about this wasekaseka necklace here on the museum site. Note, these are not the whale teeth “as is”, but cut and carved into these shapes by very skilled craftsmen.

This time, my story/haiku is about the photo itself. It pulls me in and keeps me coming back to it, over and over again. As if the photographer managed to capture the sea, pulling back and forth.

About Storytime

Inspired by online jewellery collections, I occasionally introduce an image together with a few words. I call it Storytime, because I believe that jewellery carry so many stories. You are more than welcome to add your own poem, words or thoughts in a comment – be my guest!

2 thoughts on “Storytime | Wasekaseka

  1. Beautiful object, and well suited to the gray background. There is so much power in objects like this, isn’t there? One feels so ambivalent about them being in museums. But finally grateful, because pieces like this are inspirational.


    • I’m really grateful that more and more museums share their collections online. It’s not the same as seeing them for real, but still, this piece for instance really conveys a lot to me, even though it’s “only” a photo. That says something, I think.
      I’m glad you like it!


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