Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

What does “enveloped” mean for a jewellery maker? The word didn’t trigger anything, at first.

… oh, wait a minute…

I found them and I unwrapped them,
and I let them just lie there,
in rays of afternoon sun.

I don’t buy gemstones anymore, I have realised that they just stay in their small envelops, year after year. I don’t know how to set stones myself, haven’t yet looked for someone who does, and so I even forget about their existence. That’s how sadly enveloped they are. The raw diamond isn’t even mine, it’s in foster care with me until I include it in a piece for a friend.

Well, today is a special day, the enveloped treasures get this gallery of their own. Blue topaz, red garnets and a raw diamond. (For a closer look, click on an image to start the gallery view.)

This is part of the The Daily Post Photo Challenge. Explore all the other interpretations of Enveloped here.

On another note: As an introvert, for some people I’m kind of enveloped too. I guess.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

  1. I enjoy seeing your gems in the papers – gorgeous colors, and they’re beautiful enough like this, aren’t they? When I was in my early 20’s, looking for work, I landed in a small costume jewelry company in NY. They did simple silver earrings and necklaces, things like that. At some point the designer decided to play around with small diamonds. The idea of diamonds did nothing for me at all, until I was sent to the diamond district to buy them, buzzed though the doors to the back in some little old shop, observed the careful weighing – those beautiful scales – the folding up in paper….and then brought them back to the loft and opened the paper in the sunshine. That was a powerful moment: I suddenly understood diamonds. These little 1 pt. gems sparkled in the sunlight on their pure white paper, and nothing else was needed.


    • Thanks for sharing your diamond story! I remember a similar moment of “getting it” with diamonds. I was never interested, to me they seemed to be over valued. I did my jeweller training in Brussels, and once we had the chance to go and visit one of the diamond bourses in Antwerp. This was at the end of the 90’s. At that time there were 22 diamond bourses worldwide, of which four were located in Antwerp (just to say that diamonds are quite a big thing in that city).
      I remember I had missed the dress code, which was “no jeans”, and of course, I turned up wearing jeans that day, so I was a bit nervous as our group was about to entre, but they were less strict with women and I was accepted to come in (a case of positive discrimination!).
      Oh, and inside… Workshops where young students were cutting diamonds, office rooms with windows to the North where buyers/sellers would withdraw to examine diamonds in the perfect light conditions. I guess we saw quite some diamonds that day, but I most of all remember the serious atmosphere. I realised that for people in the business, diamonds may be what their entire life is about.


      • Very interesting story! 🙂 Part of me thinks we should stop mining diamonds altogether (with support of course for the miners whose lives would be disrupted, and all the others) and just use what we’ve got, keep using and re-using. Surely we have enough diamonds…it is such a rough business. The side you saw sounds beautiful though.


  2. I am so flattered by your mention of my post. Thank you for your faith in me and the things I do, not just this, but all your comments and support. Means a lot to me.

    Topaz is my birthstone. I always have preferred the gold shade, but, that was because I had not known there were blue ones until recently, and so now I’ve changed my mind. These are so sparkly and alive, and I also love the shapes!


    • I just like your work and your approach very much, really, including the way you run your museum, which I totally love! Keep it up!
      Sounds nice to have a birthstone that comes in different colours. Mine is moonstone, quite pale…


      • I have loved moonstones since I was a child and girl at my school had a ring with one in it. I wanted that ring. A lot.

        As far as topaz, I like the variety. Somehow seems to give us Novembers a personality of having different aspects in the same person?!?! I even like to say the word – “topaz”…


      • Also, thanks about the Museum. I admit to LOVING the Museum, even if I did make it up myself. I think it’s my own dream home…a place arranged just my way! (Thank you for your Museum patronage, adds Claudia McGill, Membership Office head)


        • You’ve done a great job to find such a committed and enthusiastic team to work with, you all seem to complement each other very well. It all starts with a good HR strategy, doesn’t it? Say hello to everyone from me! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          • Claudia McGill, HR rep: Thank you so much for recognizing the efforts of our under-appreciated department. It’s not easy to reconcile so many personalities who all want their say but we try. Sincerely!

            Thank you, and hello from all of us!


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