I was invited

Seduced by the afternoon sun, I suddenly wanted to make some progress to fix “the globe”. I miss that ring.

And once I had prepared to get started, I loved how the borax was glowing in the light. (That’s the yellow liquid, used as flux to keep the metal clean and prevent oxidation while soldering.)

I made a new attempt to solder, but the solder was too tarnished, the flame probably too small (my hand held torch needs a refill), etc. All in all, I did things hastily, and again got it confirmed: Don’t fool yourself with shortcuts in metal work.

The globe cracked again, so I’m back where I started. Do I care? No, because I had this golden moment, quick and unexpected. I was invited by the light, and I fully enjoyed it, regardless the outcome. (Click on an image for a gallery view.)

Do you have such a place where one of your senses tells you “hey, stop here for a minute, other things can wait“? I hope you do, and if not, see if you can find one. Soon.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to praise that little roof window above my workbench. Perhaps I didn’t realise until that afternoon what a haven that corner of the house is. I’m grateful for the invitation.

(If you missed the beginning: This ring was first Naked and tarnished, then Naked, tarnished and split. At that point, I made some Digital doodles. Ideas are still welcome for what to do with this globe ring, so just let me know how you would go further!)

7 thoughts on “I was invited

  1. Such an intimate little workspace that we are privileged to see G . I can quite see why you would be drawn to this playful window of light moving across your table …..


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