Intermezzo in red and blue

A restlessness started to creep inside me. I don’t know where exactly. In my veins, my nerve system, my head or my chest? Nowhere and everywhere. A grumpiness that I couldn’t put my finger on. A desire to explode in slow-motion, to vaporise and then pop-up somewhere else, with my hands holding tools and small pieces of metal, and my eyes thinking loud. The kind of place where my heart begins to sing.

My studio is still temporary in use as bedroom, so I don’t have much chance to work with metal.

What to do when your fingers cry and beg – they were almost down on their knees, I swear!
– Please, can we make some jewellery? Just something little – pleeease!

So, here is an intermezzo in red and blue. If my hands want to work, I give them work. The end of the story is that it did help, I feel much better now! See the gallery view for more details.

Technique: Tunisian (aka Afghan) crochet.

I’m curious to know: If you had a little bag or container of some sort that you could wear around your neck, what would you keep in it? Do you already have some jewellery that you can fill with things?

7 thoughts on “Intermezzo in red and blue

  1. Exquisite G !Such beautiful tiny fine work you’ve created here . My hunger is photgraphy nowadays but I wish I could pour more into some painting and drawing …


    • Thank you Annerose! I like the idea of a stone too! Even if you don’t see it, you know you have it with you. And it adds some more weight, which makes it hang more nicely (just a practical detail). I’ll definitely look at my tiny collection of stones in a different way now!

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  2. Gunnila, wow … how beautiful … and what fantastic ideas. Just beautiful.
    A little bag … happens at time, my life needs a big bag … in the evening it happens more often – I need money, hand wipes, Tena towel, camera, keys, glasses wipes, hand cream and safety pin. Have a lovely weekend.


    • I see, Viveka, I’d have to do a major upscale of this project for your needs! 😉 In the little bag, you’d be able to fit the codes to your bank cards, and that’s about it… Glad you like the idea, have a great weekend you too!


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