Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

To walk into the woods and find jewellery – earrings and bangles – that’s a real treat!

Not to forget, the treat to have a mobile phone that is also a camera. How spoiled can we get?

This is part of the The Daily Post Photo Challenge – explore all the other interpretations of Treat.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Treat

      • aw 🙂 absolutely G ! You know since I’ve had my big beast as I call it … the smaller details have got rather lost … I must remedy that I think . A smaller all round camera or phone is just the ticket to capture it all such as you have here so well . What is firing up in the studio of late I wonder … I have an image of you with soldering iron lots of jewelled materials .. specific lights all your * special materials lights surrounding you … sketches of ideas …. Totally off the mark I’m sure Lol
        Do enjoy the rest of the week ahead ! x

        • Oh Poppy, if you only knew how very little (close to nothing) has been firing up in the studio lately. Space has not been available, nor has time, but I do see new times coming, so I’ll get back to it, soon. On the other hand, I’ve been exploring Instagram lately, that’s how I came to take my mobile lens more seriously. A new discovery!
          To compensate for my late response, I wish you an extra fabulous week ahead! 😉

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