Trash or treasure?


Small pieces of metal, deformed, useless. Who needs them?

I do.

Among things from my husband’s grandmother – I think this was with her sewing stuff – there was this little box with some (I think) steel wire.

It was the box I focused on first, but after having a closer look inside, I saw that there was more to it. A treasure!

The small pieces of wire seemed useless, but when I lined them up… Weren’t they dancing?

So I made a pair of earrings, to honour my husband’s grandmother and all grandmothers, past and present, who never throw things away, because everything can come in handy one day, and it’s a pity to waste things.

I hope this can inspire you to turn some trash into treasure too, in whatever way. It can be simple, like hanging something on a chain, and there you go, you have a pendant!




8 thoughts on “Trash or treasure?

    • It makes me happy to hear you say so! This is a unique pair, but making them has given me ideas for similar earrings, in silver and titanium. We’ll see… Thanks for your encouraging support!

  1. How lovely G …definitely treasure 🙂
    Maybe there will be memories of the past whispering in your ears as you wear them !

    • The funny thing is that they actually make a tiny bit of sound when you wear them, a soft metallic. So thanks to your hint, I realise these may be the memories I hear… 😉

  2. I love these, and your post honoring your grandmother. I wish we were close by so that I could give you some of my dear, late mother-in-law’s sewing things for which we have not yet found a use.

    • I’m glad you like them Josna! And no worries, I have more than enough small things waiting to be recycled – perhaps you’ll run into someone nearby who can find use of your treasures. Thanks anyway!

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