The tulip

It was the biggest tulip I had ever seen, at least in our garden.

The petals had fallen off and landed in a neat pile on the ground. I picked them up. This was my chance to have a closer look and get to know the secrets of the tulips.

What is there not to love, in their shapes, colours, surface and structure, or in their dramatic final decay?

The petals fell off, stamens and all. One, two, three…


The tulip made me think of colours.


The tulip made me feel like an abstract painter.


The tulip made me see details, made me feel like a textile artist or fashion designer.


I was listening to My Death performed by David Bowie (1973 and 1995). It’s not as sad as it may seem at first, I hear it more as a love song. And… didn’t some of it resonate?

My death waits like a witch at night / As surely as our love is bright… 
My death waits to allow my friends / A few good times before it ends…
My death waits there among the flowers / Where the blackest shadow cowers…


And meanwhile, in the garden, the pistil and the huge green leaves kept their position, as if nothing had happened. Until the stem broke and the pistil dried out.

And that was that.




9 thoughts on “The tulip

  1. I can’t tell you how happy I am this speaks to you! I think I’ll look at tulips in a different way after this close encounter, actually, I have the feeling the entire nature is revealing its secrets to me, more and more…

  2. Fabulous post! You have a way of cleanly presenting things that does remind me of the jeweler’s art, but then you mix it up with those lyrics and the blurred petal shot. You’ve played with the scale, too – the first groups are pretty monumental looking – like huge sculptures, solid and deserving of respect. Love the group under “fashion designer” too – so sensual!

    • Truth is, I felt I got a bit carried away, perhaps because I’m not used to becoming so “obsessed” with one single object. I’m glad I didn’t hold back, but just let it unfold as it came. Reading your comment means a lot to me, I see that this can speak also to others, that’s very valuable, so thank you for that!

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