A broken collection

Last year, I had the chance to show you a piece from a broken bike lock chain.

That piece never really left my mind. This spring, I picked up a similar piece from the street, and then another, until one day, I realised that I had become a collector.

There is one that I want to include in a jewellery piece, but most of them are eye candy. Within their very narrow format and function – unsurprisingly identic – they are still so different from each other.

If you missed the piece from last year you can catch up hereΒ – and if you ask me, that one still beats them all.




6 thoughts on “A broken collection

  1. I collect rusty bits off the street too! I use them for eco and rust printing on paper and fabric but sometimes they become an actual part of the artwork. Love your collection 😊

  2. I like all the different patinas – and your description. We have a nice, corscrew-ish rusty thing from a train track on the deck these days – it’s like beach combing – hard to resist.

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