A new bracelet

A few years ago, I made a necklace with titanium discs on a cord. Here is a bracelet made the same way, in a mix of purple, brown, yellow and blue.

The person who commissioned this is kind of the queen of bracelets, and she came up with the idea. I hadn’t thought of that myself – it’s great when you get ideas from others!

The discs and the string turned out to be fun to play with, so below are some photos, more or less serious (you might have seen some of them before).


In my previouis post, about the necklace, you can find out why I think of this as Daily bread.

8 thoughts on “A new bracelet

    • No, it’s not heavy, titanium is a light metal (hard to work with, but not heavy). Interesting that you mention “worry beads”. I have to admit that I had to google that, which broadened my horizon in a positive way: I remember that prayer beads crossed my mind when I made this the first time, but I like the idea of letting the beads pass your fingers in a neutral, not necessarily religious mode.
      Thank you Claudia, you brought me a new insight and inspiration here. It still seems to circle around something life essential: bread, worry, prayer…
      And in the end, it’s just another bracelet…


      • Thank you for the info and the compliments, I appreciate both. I think the idea of a circle around your arm, accompanying you where you go, is sort of talismanic, especially if the bracelet is a favorite and worn a lot.


    • Thanks! I just had a look at your blog, and I nominate you to be the queen of finding beautiful things – how about that? šŸ˜‰ I’m not the queen of anything either (perhaps procrastinating – but don’t tell anyone, OK?).

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