Haiku (VI) – The doll house

Little did I know, when I was playing with my doll house as a little girl, that one day, I would play again.

I’ve always liked miniatures and small models of bigger things. Perhaps that is what jewellery is about? Sculptures in small formats.

So, I have played with some of the doll house furniture again, in a different setting this time, but just as seriously. Because playing is a serious thing, isn’t it? To forget what is around you and instantly follow the ideas that pop up in your mind, not because the result matter, but because you just love seeing new little worlds arise in front of you.

Switch off your mind now
sit down and count your blessings
soft silver cushion


The old yellow box
radio waves and dancing feet
kitchen is spinning


Play me the blues, please
all the scattered notes that will
bring me together


Silver plates, oh yes,
those small domestic details
the silver lining


Grandmother kept them
shapeless steel pins – now they are
cooler than ever


So, when was the last time you played?


3 thoughts on “Haiku (VI) – The doll house

  1. I’m extra liking this post, for a lot of reasons, and I’ll start with the fact that I am a dollhouse fan for the past 50 years, having had two of them as a girl (one I built), and I have the metal 1950’s suburban style house that was at my grandparent’s house still, along with its plastic furniture. Nothing better than a dollhouse for a peaceful escape. And then, number two, these haiku are just wonderful – I like the one with the piano, the blues, and the scattered bracelet pieces, suits my mood today.

    Wow! Thank you.


    • You’re more than welcome, Claudia, I’m really happy to hear this speaks to you! That 1950’s suburban house sounds like a real treasure to have, and imagine that you built one yourself, too! I remember as a little girl, I used to dream of the fanciest houses, but now I feel very rich to have the one my father made for me. It had electricity and tiny light switches that made a special sound when turned. I have no idea what or how I played, though, I think I worked a lot on the interior decoration, making carpets and curtains…


      • Your house sounds…amazing. That the lights even made that lightswitch sound! Just delightful. We also played a lot with paperdolls cut from discarded sewing pattern books my mom got for us, and we (sister and neighbors) had a whole set up we played with the in the garage, of furniture and so on we had drawn or painted on to small blocks of wood (we got scraps from the new houses being built all around us at the time). Perfect for a hot summer day (since our parents insisted we stay outside in summer to play no matter what the weather).


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