Back to the roots

Now and then I go through old, abandoned projects. For this ring, my original plan was to connect two pieces by soldering something on the top and the bottom.

I had spent so much work to prepare the rings, so when I found them again, I thought it would be a shame not to make use of them.

This was at a moment when I felt inspired to go back to the roots, so I grabbed the saw. As a jeweller student, the first thing you learn is to handle the saw – and you have no idea how frustrating that can be, in the beginning! Here was all that blank surface to saw right into, so that’s what I did, line after line after line.

After soldering the two halves together, I oxidised the ring, and couldn’t resist making an eye candy shot under the roof window.

I like this idea of using the saw to make a pattern, so I might do it again. This abandoned-project-turned-new-prototype has been on my finger a lot lately. It’s very comfortable to wear.

To stay with the theme of picking up the old and going back to the roots, wouldn’t this also be a way to write (I mean saw) in runes?

As always, the possibilities are endless.

3 thoughts on “Back to the roots

  1. Loved reading about your process, the inspiration to make something new out of something old and almost forgotten, and the courage to experiment. The end result was pretty damn good too.

    It’s a pleasure to see your work, Gunilla, and to hear about the thinking that goes into it.


    • That’s interesting to hear! As I was sawing, I was thinking about using a file too, as you describe, but then I decided to stay with the saw only, to keep the lines thin, and have more of them. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose which way to go, isn’t it, but I can imagine I’ll do more pieces with lines, in one form or another. Thanks for your encouraging input!


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