Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


Imprint on copper.

The piece that I used to make the imprint is cut from a computer card and measures 1,5 x 2,5 cm (0,6 x 1 inch). Just think how tiny the rest is!

There is a meaning and function to every line and other detail we see here. Only the engineers know how this pattern is interconnected.

To me, it’s like a map of secrets. I cannot read this, I don’t understand, I’m a stranger in Engineerland. But I can also make this my own, and read it as a map of (jewellery) possibilities.

That’s what I’m going to do, and I have a few ideas already.

What does this tiny piece trigger with you?

This is part of the The Daily Post Photo Challenge. You find other  Tiny things here.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

  1. I like the lines with the circles on the ends of them. I can imagine using this part of the design in an embroidery piece. But they also make me think of the stylized flower and human figures in Renee McIntosh designs..


    • I like those lines and circles too, and I can very well imagine them in embroidery! To me they looked more like a metro or public transport map, and I hadn’t thought about any art noveau connection here, but I see what you mean (and I love the slender lines and stylized flowers of that era).
      So in the end, there is a lot in this little tiny piece – thank you Linda for helping me discover it!

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    • I love how this makes you think of an Egyptioan tomb! If I had you by my side, I wouldn’t hesitate to enter and explore it, path by path! 🙂
      As for jewellery, I have an idea of earrings, but we’ll see. I haven’t had (or rather, “created”) much studio time lately, but am trying to change that. The power of habits, I guess.


      • I have loved the idea of ancient Egyptian everything since I was very young and first heard of it, and so I say, let’s go, if we can figure out how, maybe only on the blog or in books, but…we’re still traveling. And I hope you do find studio time as I love your thoughtful and beautiful works…


    • That makes me happy to hear! I have to admit that when I first saw the result of this test, I loved it so much that I got blocked, I couldn’t for my life imagine how it could become any more gorgeous than this! I’ve calmed down in the meantime, but I keep my fingers crossed I can re-produce and integrate this into jewellery. We’ll see…


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