Storytime | French gold

Obsessive flowers
it looks so complicated
I can’t handle this


These earrings were given to the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm in 1887. The only description in their online archive is “French gold”.

I don’t know if “French gold” refers to a special alloy popular at the time, a design style that was à la mode, or simply the fact that it was produced by French goldsmiths. Does anyone know?

At first, the earrings didn’t speak to me, not at all. What I see is an overly decorative design, where the romantic flower theme seems to get rubbed in my face, wherever I look.

But then… I fell in love with them anyway. Balance. Exquisite elegance. Robust, yet delicate.

This is exactly what happened to me and the French language. I first refused to have anything to do with it, but when one day I had to, I came to love and admire it.

So here they are, earrings in French gold, the French language reinterpreted in jewellery. Behold the natural savoir faire.


Image from Smycken, the digital jewellery collection of Nordiska Museet, Stockholm (image license CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 – the second image is simply a rotated close-up of the original photo).

About Storytime
Inspired by online jewellery collections, I occasionally introduce an image together with a few words. I call it Storytime, because I beleive that jewellery carry so many stories. You are more than welcome to add your own words and thoughts in a comment, I’d love to hear what this triggers with you!

7 thoughts on “Storytime | French gold

    • It IS a really nice museum, if I still lived in Sweden and near Stockholm, I think I’d go there regularly. So next time you’re there, you know that somewhere in their archives (if not exhibited) there are some flowery earrings in Frech Gold to ponder on… Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • Thanks, Gunilla … I will I promise. By the way a friend and I are visiting Amsterdam and the tulips over Easter. So looking forward to visit Amsterdam again.

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