I took up the runes

I’ve borrowed this title from Norwegian jazz saxophonist Jan Garbarek. I took up the runes is the name of one of his albums.

My attempts in the studio were however miles away from the elegant and haunting saxophone of Jan Garbarek. My runes are a raw, immediate and impatient way to put down in metal something contemporary, in runes.

With help of some vintage tools (the ones to the left and the right in the photo), I hit the first tone. The rune letters represent phonetic sounds, so to write a word in this way might not be the “correct” way to go about it.

But still.

The word here is S-T-A-R-M-A-N.

If you are curious to explore the music of Jan Garbarek, be prepared to set aside some time, you have an entire world to discover.

As for this quick test, I can say that yes, I took up the runes. And now, I’m diving into the subject, learning more about their deeper meaning.

11 thoughts on “I took up the runes

  1. Jan Garbarek! Another thing we share (like the notion of metallic-looking leaves or metals that look like natural substances). I haven’t listened to him in years, I will now. It was maybe 25 or more years ago that I bought a cassette tape of his for maybe 25 cents at a yard sale, not knowing what it would sound like. We got in the car and popped it in the player, and we were thrilled! It was so beautiful, I remember that moment. I kept that tape for years. I know almost nothing about runes, however. Your ring is very attractive, even more so because of knowing where the design came from.

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    • I was always fascinated by them. I never learned to recognise or read the letters, or to distinguish the different rune alphabets from each others, but I do want to learn more and let them inspire me for some jewellery. Who knows, if I continue, perhaps I’ll one day actually be able to read and understand a few bits here and there?

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    • I’m glad it speaks to you, Claudia! I grew up seeing stones with rune inscriptions, the smaller ones just telling things like “X had this stone raised for his son Y”, the bigger ones holding longer tales written as ornaments. They’ve always fascinated me, and now I’m exploring the meaning of the letters. Would love to make some rune jewellery.


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