What I like with crochet is that it’s so tangible to do. It’s all happening at your fingertips and it feels so much smoother more delicate. Saw frames, hammers, pliers and files are things that you hold firmly in your palm.

Crochet is different. It’s literally about “fingerspitzengefühl” – which is how a German teacher I had once referred to that special “feeling” it takes to understand how a language works, beyond the grammar.

Add some beads to it, and I’m totally happy!

8 thoughts on “Fingerspitzengefühl

  1. Oh my goodness G these are gorgeous ! Such tiny delicate works of art I totally admire your crochet skills . Sad to say I never achieved that certain Fingerspitzengefuhl when I was at school learning German 😉
    I hope all is well with you x


    • All is well with me, thank you, and sorry for this very late reaction. Never to late to get some Fingerspitzengefuhl, as long as the right occasion arises, but there are so many different passions we can pursue, right?


  2. Oh, that German word is perfect – I would love to hear you say it. 🙂 And these pieces are beautiful, in both the light and darker colors. They complement one another. And hey, more fine lines, right? 🙂


    • Thanks Claudia, I’m glad you like them. And, you made me look up a new English word (gossamer, check!)
      I’m so fascinated that there are so many textile techniques where one single thread or yarn can grow into a fabric. The creativity across civilizations and over thousands of years, to invent all these ways to cloth and adorn ourselves!


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