To spin or to contemplate

I recently ordered some more materials and tools. Small things, really.

Oftentimes, the moment of unpacking and looking at new materials is such a joy. Almost as stimulating and fascinating as doing the actual work. And so many things look beautiful, just as they are.

This is the blank page. There is nothing. So much can happen from here. This is where your head can start spinning.

Or, it’s the moment to slow down for a moment. Take a good look. Contemplate.

There is plenty of time.

Fine copper wire (0,3 mm) and cultured fresh water pearls.

10 thoughts on “To spin or to contemplate

  1. Your photographs are a feast for the eyes. They suggest so much, I think because you make us see your raw materials through your eyes, and you see their rich and many-faceted potential. The pandemic has further forced us to slow down as you suggest, and “let things brew.” Hope you are well. It’s good to visit your blog again after too long. . .


  2. I have been planning to do some fabric art (something I did long ago). I have accumulated my supplies and fabric. Now I am soaking in the idea of what they might be wanting to do, these fabrics, but I do also think – how nice this fabric is, just as it is.


  3. I’m trying to reduce my belongings and find it exceptionally hard to part with art supplies—all that potential, to say nothing of the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes of the supplies themselves. Thank you for this beautiful post.


    • I totally understand what you mean, I have the same. It doesn’t even have to be art supplies, it can be something that I’ve kept because it could come to use one day, if-ever-I-wanted-to… etc. It’s about small items, so they don’t take up much space, which is often my excuse to keep them. Yeah, it’s all that potential, as you say.


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