All that’s left

When the only thing left of your bike is a piece of the chain.

Bike theft is a common problem here in The Netherlands. Luckily, it didn’t happen to me yet, but then again, I don’t use my bike a lot.

Not being a victim myself makes it easier to see the beauty in these pieces, I guess. I love metal, I love the shapes.

This is the very piece that started my obsession, years ago. I saw it laying on my colleague’s desk one morning, his face told me everything I needed to know.

He was kind to let me borrow it, for a photo session.

Ever since, my eyes automatically scan the streets for more steel jewels, and I have long lost count of the number of pieces in my collection.

A minimalistic interpretation of this week’s theme in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Anything to do with bikes, trikes or motorcycles.

4 thoughts on “All that’s left

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