A matter of time

Sometimes it’s difficult to know when the time is right to throw away flowers.

Nature is such a great designer. It has thought of every single step, from bud to decay, from structures to colour schemes. And when it puts some very lush velvet dresses on your dining table, it’s easy to postpone the farewell.

“Not today, come back tomorrow and we’ll show you something!” Every day, it was the same. And I had to listen.

This is my contribution to this week’s theme in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Wilting, dead or aging flowers and leaves.

4 thoughts on “A matter of time

  1. As I read there are two bowls of rose poutpourri on the dresser; one, yellow, for a birthday and the other, red from Valentines. I love the old fashioned roses that smell of…well..rose. 🙂


    • Ah, I can almost see it in front of me, how sweet, and from special occasions too! It’s funny (or strange?) that you seldom get to ‘smell’ roses anymore, so many varieties miss that typical rose scent. Makes it even more special when it’s there!

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