Metal meets textile

I’m signing up for this year’s Blogging from A to Z challenge. This challenge happens every year in April, and means one blog post a day throughout the month, with exception of Sundays. 

I’ll focus on something that has become a theme in my studio lately: Metal meets textile. There is a nice contrast between the two, and it does work to mix hard metals with soft techniques. 

I once made some textile rings, quickly, on a whim. The most comfortable jewellery you can imagine, like a second skin, but not something to keep for years (not even months, or weeks). So, how can one translate textile into (metal) jewellery? That’s what I would like to dive into in April.

You can read more about this challenge and how to join on the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge site. The list to sign up opens on 29 March, so you still have some time to think about it. See you in April!

21 thoughts on “Metal meets textile

  1. This is going to be very interesting indeed. I love both unique & creative jewellery & textile arts. Marrying the two into singular creations will be fascinating & I’m really looking forward to reading your posts & seeing your designs.

    Cheers for a fun & successful challenge!

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    • I have never done wire wrapped, but I do find it beautiful. Who knows, perhaps you’ll get some inspiration to pick it up again? Thanks for popping by, now I’ll come over to explore your blog and theme!


    • Ah, I had to google “Viking knitting”, which feels a bit awkward to admit, as I’m Swedish and grew up among the rune stones ;-). Thanks for the tip, I must have seen it but without thinking much about the specific technique then. Welcome to pop by anytime, and good luck with the challenge!


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