Textile in jewellery

Two pendants today, on the textile theme.

The first one is still in the prototype phase.

A small knitted piece stitched between two sheets of metal, like a sandwich. I used linen, a natural material that I like very much.

Different steps of testing, where all three layers are stitched together, using cardboard => copper => silver. Latest version: textile stitched to the upper sheet only and the two metal sheets connected with rivets, which gives a neater backside. To be continued (or maybe not).

Pendant number two is even more textile. Some of you may remember seeing it before. It’s tiny, but it has enough space inside for a piece of paper with a few words written on it. It was a nice, small project to work on. Textile brings some colour!

I have always liked the idea of mixing hard metals with soft techniques. This year, my theme for the A to Z challenge is “Metal meets textile”. From A to Z, I talk about work with metal wire, textile techniques like crochet and knitting, show some pieces I’ve been working on, share some thoughts on metal, textile and jewellery. I hope that you’ll find something of interest to you!

10 thoughts on “Textile in jewellery

  1. I love the picture frame pendants and the fiber work gives it a whole different slant from the usual stone or metal. I am wondering how crocheted wire fabric would look? And I love the tiny little purse. It reminds me of something that was popular when I was very young, in fact first grade: small change purses with a snap clasp on a chain. All the girls in my class had them and we kept our lunch money in it. Yours is tinier by far but it certainly brought back a memory of those purses I know I haven’t thought of in decades.

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    • I have been thinking of metal wire crochet fabric instead of textile. Would make it easier to maintain on longer term I think, and perhaps you can still get the feeling that there is some textile involved. But I would miss the colour and the real textile feeling. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll try it!
      Wonderful to hear your memories popping up about your lunch money purses!

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      • Yes, I thought the same as you, it would change the feel as well as the look of the piece if the fabric material were metal, it just came into my mind…I wonder? kind of thing. I did enjoy thinking about those little purses. I can still see it and feel how it felt in my hands. I was so proud of it.

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