I found a source online that said that some roman numbers count and give points in Scrabble. So I’ll cheat a bit and very generously apply this rule also for the A to Z challenge.

XXIV is how the Romans wrote the number 24, and X is the 24th letter in the alphabet.

The question now is how to link number 24 and/or the letter X to the theme Metal meets textile

I have no idea.

So instead, I offer you this song as an extra bonus, to celebrate the way jewellery connects people. It’s called Gold Lace.

And with this said, I exit for today.

I have always liked the idea of mixing hard metals with soft techniques. This year, my theme for the A to Z challenge is “Metal meets textile”. From A to Z, I talk about work with metal wire, textile techniques like crochet and knitting, show some pieces I’ve been working on, share some thoughts on metal, textile and jewellery. I hope that you’ll find something of interest to you!

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