Intact as an imprint

I did my jeweller training when I lived in Brussels, which is full of lace history. I’m fascinated by lace for the intricate patterns, and like the idea of using the patterns in jewellery.

One way to do that is to make an imprint, so that the pattern becomes visible in the metal as a relief.

This works with other objects than lace too, f ex paper, fabric or leaves. It’s a matter of trying things out and see what the result is. The photos below show some examples:
1) chocolate foil (copper)
2) lace (brass)
3) computer card (copper)
4) first imprint on copper, which was then used to make an imprint on silver, giving a high relief (examples 1-3 are in low relief).

I have always liked the idea of mixing hard metals with soft techniques. This year, my theme for the A to Z challenge is “Metal meets textile”. From A to Z, I talk about work with metal wire, textile techniques like crochet and knitting, show some pieces I’ve been working on, share some thoughts on metal, textile and jewellery. I hope that you’ll find something of interest to you!

11 thoughts on “Intact as an imprint

    • I never tried silver clay, but that seems to be a very rewarding way of creating small objects, jewellery or other things. I hope you’ll get the chance to give it a go sometime! Sometime after Z, that is… 😉


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