Goodbye, blue dragonfly

This time I saw it coming. The anniversary. Two years of blogging here on WordPress.

I’ve been on a blogging retreat for a while. I did not decide to disconnect from date x to date y, I just fell down into a retreat out of necessity after the A to Z challenge in April. I’ve had to step back and catch up with other things.

Now I enter my third year. This blog is my own space. I will allow it to be as irregular as life itself. I can give you no forecast for the coming year. The blog posts may be raining for a few weeks, and then there may be nothing for a while. Blogging experts will shake their heads, but I insist on this freestyle format.

This IMG_2010-twanGR_logoniversary means two things:

Firstly, I say goodbye to the blue dragonfly (she saw it coming too) and welcome the green wood as my icon.

Over time, my online  identity had become an incoherent compilation of different images I grabbed every time I created a profile on a new platform. I wanted to fix this but didn’t know how, until one day I realised I had it in front of me all the time.

I feel closely connected to the wood that I sometimes use as “featured image” on the homepage instead of a photo. I used it for the A to Z in 2013 and 2014, and I also wrote about it here. It feels good to have this wood as my new online face.

Secondly, I gave my blog another birthday present: It is now ad-free.

Thank you for reading and commenting and for being out there. Let’s see what happens here in the coming year.

As always, any input on wood, dragonflies, birthdays, blogging, jewellery or whatever you have on your mind is welcome!











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