Getting hooked

Last year, I joined the #2018earringchallenge on Instagram. The idea was to make and share one pair of earrings every week. A great way to just play with ideas, work quickly and also, to focus on earrings for a change.

A calendar year has 52 weeks that run in a steady rythm. Not so in my earring year. The weeks kept drifting more and more apart from each other, and… well, you know what it’s like. Just a few days ago I managed to share the earrings for week 21. 

But this is all OK, because it’s not important if I ever arrive at 52 earrings. I had fun AND I got hooked on this one thing: crochet.

If you like earrings, don’t miss to check what everyone came up with last year in the #2018earringchallenge. Take your time, you have more than 6000 pairs to peruse!

8 thoughts on “Getting hooked

  1. Wow!! What spectacular earrings you’ve created!! I’m seeing a level of sophistication in your jewelry making that’s reached a stellar level of commitment AND focus. Your circular knit earrings surrounded by the gorgeous red silk or cotton/linen thread border especially are so delicate and lovely. I hope you decide to make more jewelry pieces /earrings that explore these intricately delicate techniques!! Such lovely work.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, they mean a lot to me, coming from you! I have the tendency to jump from this and that to the other, but here I think there is something I can keep doing for a while. And me too, I like the effect of the coloured thread, so this shouldn’t be the last one…

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