A to Z: Abandon

atoz-AThis must be the most awkward way to start the Blogging from A to Z April  challenge. Abandon, why? It sounds like giving up before you even started.

I learned about this challenge only yesterday, and it set off this very intense pros-and-cons battle inside my head. In the end I decided to go for it, under the condition that I would be ready to abandon two things:

1. Perfectionism – which is a good thing to be able to abandon when you need to!

2. Studio time – actually working on the jewellery making (which I do only in my sparetime)

Closing one door always means you (can) open another, saying No to one thing always means you (can) say Yes to another.

So, with that spirit, I now say Yes! to this 2013 Blogging from A to Z challenge. My intention is to keep a similar scope as in my regular blogging: ideas and thoughts around jewellery making and other (more or less) related things on my mind.

If you are a regular follower and find yourself flooded in April, rest assured that in May, my blogging habits will go back to normal again. If you need to abandon the attention at times, you are excused…

Welcome to follow me from A to Z!

The sign up is open another 17 hours from the moment I post this, so you may still have time to join!


9 thoughts on “A to Z: Abandon

    • Thank you! It’s always nice with a challenge and I’ll try to keep my regular scope throughout the entire month. Already dreading D and E, though, not a good sign, is it…? 😉


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